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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 22, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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the place. the suit was only for posing pool side, of course. pretty little thing refunded her purchase after her post went viral. jillian: the problem with social media and instagram right there. rob: exactly right. adios. ♪ dance, dance, dance ♪ creeping up on you ♪ dance, dance, dance. brian: reminds me of the super bowl two years ago when he sang to very moderate reviews. ainsley: what movie is this in? steve: trolls. ainsley: how did you see that? steve: the audio guy told me. ainsley: everyone who has little kids knows that it's very popular song. brian: good philosophy. it's okay to dance, dance, dance. ainsley: we do that a lot around the kitchen. steve: we do. today is the parade of
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ships. fleet week kicks off. todd piro is on one of those ships today. ainsley: memorial day weekend. steve: yesterday we introduced you to the guy out at the rally in pennsylvania dressed like a wall. is he going to be with us in 15 minutes to explain why he did it, why he was like second or third in line in the middle of the night to be there. ainsley: a lookout of people did it after that because it sold out throughout the morning. steve: thank you for joining us on this very busy wednesday. brian: big story in drudge today we have only built a mile and a half of wall but, yet, we have been allocated to build at least 100 miles of wall. for some reason they just can't seem to get it done. unbelievable. ainsley: a lot of conservatives say it needs to be done. if you look at what has happened they had to stop taking in migrants and pro-saying them in the rio grande valley mcallen texas, all the illnesses. especially the flu. steve: on monday a 16-year-old unaccompanied migrant who had crossed into
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the united states in texas with 70 other people. the 16-year-old when he was being processed, they realized the guy has a fever. like flu like symptoms. he went toe a nurse practitioner she diagnosed him with the flu. prescribed him tamiflu. the next day he died. and so what they have done is because they are seeing so many flu-like systems, high fevers. they are treating them. they are shutting down that particular facility to new detainees. brian: by the way, that means, let me see 2300 a day have nowhere to go. where are they going to end up? just streaming across. this is a flat out invasion. meanwhile here is the quote from ron cits the spokesperson for tuesday comes and border patrol. to ex so not only do they have to
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pick them up with vehicles not big enough with personnel that can't drive enough, now they have to bring them to a place that's even further away. congress does absolutely nothing. it's not okay to wait to 2020. it is not okay. ainsley: it's so sad when you see all these individuals die, especially the children. this 16-year-old was unaccompanied. and kevin mcaleenan who is the acting homeland security secretary brian was on the border with. he said even in march we were seeing seriously ill migrants. chicken pox, flu and children with temperatures as high as 105. brian: don't they tell you if school if your child is sick leave them them. brian: can you imagine 8300 people no idea who is vaccinated or not. sitting in the same area situations makeshift ate best. how can they not have some situation is dire and
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contagious. steve: five have died december. all five from guatemala. that's why congress needs to change the riewlingsz. brian: not hard. steve: that's what ben carson the hud secretary said yesterday look, we have got to change the rules. because, currently, the current rules bar undocumented migrants from receiving federal housing subsidies. they are thinking about changing the rules so that if every person in that house is not legal, they are going to kick them out. that would impact the number of people who have family units where, for instance, the child was born in the united states and has status. this would change all of that. ainsley: i'm legal and you are part of my family and you are illegal. he is saying you are not allowed to come and live with me. steve: currently you can. but the trump administration is considering changing the rules. there was a very contentious hearing on capitol hill yesterday. watch this. >> the d in hud does not
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stand for deportation. i'm afraid that a recent proposal of yours will bring nothing but despair. i find it despicable. this is a horrible plan. you will rip apart families and be throwing children onto the street. what is your plan to take care of them? >> if you read the rule carefully, you will see that it provides a six month deferral on requests if they have not found another place to live. and that can be renewed two times for a total of 18 months, which is plenty of time for congress to engage in comprehensive immigration reform. brian: that's a brain surgeon trying to keep his tempner check to somebody who just wants to sit there and have a sermon about how to treat illegals the same way you would treat americans in need of those public housing. what's more important the
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100,000 people on the street or the 100 streaming to our borders illegally? that's the question. ainsley: is he basically say saying i'm trying to follow the law. if you don't like what's happening you need to change the law. he is pushing congress. look, you have 18 months, now from 18 months once this goes into effect. 18 months to change the laws. steve: the ball is in the court of congress once again. and he made it very clear. the reasonable that the administration is considering this is because there are people on waiting lists who have been on waiting lists who are legally in this country and they should be given the first bid. absolutely. here he is again. >> the real thing that is hurting people is our failure to address this immigration system, the rules that are drawing people here and keeping them here. and that are so unfair to american citizens who have been paying taxes and working here. >> whenever you get on an airplane and the initial
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announcements they say if there is an emergency your oxygen mask will drop down. put yours on first and then assist your neighbor. obviously, we need to take care of our people. doesn't mean that we're not compassionate people. it means that we are logical people. brian: secretary carson on with tucker last night trying to further explain with the democratic congress people are sitting there telling everyone sanctimoniously what should be done and how illegals should be treated instead of actually doing any hard work behind closed doors to make some small adjustments the way you did for jeh johnson in the past to at least address the emergency now and maybe what you get elected to do. do something comprehensively for 2020. steve: brian, as it turns out, there is good news, the democrats are talking about doing some legislation but it's to stop what the administration is thinking about doing. ainsley: of course. of course. democrat are totally against anything that this president would want. don mcgahn, they asked him to show up yesterday.
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the president tweeting about that saying come on. it's been two years of investigation. he sat down and answered questions for hours. 30 hours. and they still want to question him again. he didn't show up and they're upset about it. brian: the president of the united states is going to be meeting with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi today. before i pass infrastructure i want to pass the usmca. the president should say before we do anything about infrastructure usmca we have to address the situation at the border. these border agents are going to quit and i wouldn't blame them. they are in impossible situation. steve: they are frustrated by congress. they are happy to do their job. they would like congress to do something. brian: who can't do their job. steve: calls are intensifying after former white house counsel don mcgahn didn't show up after being subpoenaed by congress. ainsley: today meeting with the president but also meeting behind closed doors to confront nancy pelosi and they're pushing her to act. brian: griff jenkins is joining us live from washington as the democrats insist they are not divided,
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griff. griff: yeah, brian, ainsley and steve singer called pressure. nancy pelosi is feeling it down playing the division amongst her ranks. listen. >> madam speaker, are you under increased pressure to impeach the president from your caucus? >> no. griff: the white house's defiance of democrats demands and empty share you see there marking the spot where former white house counsel don mcgahn was supposed to sit before the house judiciary committee. he sat it out at the chairmapresident's request. >> mr. mcgahn has an obligation to be here for this scheduled appearance. if he does not immediately correct his mistake, this committee will have no choice but to enforce the subpoena against him. >> but ranking member doug collins wasn't going for it. >> here we go again. the theater is open. i'm glad that the chairman
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read into the record the mueller report. he did leave out one thing. there was no collusion. there was no obstruction charge. there is nothing here. >> chairman nadler is not done issuing two more subpoenas hope hicks. hicks is current lit vice president and chief communication officers for fox corporation. no word on whether either will comply. the thing to watch is that meeting today. speaker pelosi calling a special strategy session behind closed doors trying to get everybody on the same page. weave will see what happens. steve: nancy pelosi worls that if they take up impeachment that's going to be a losing issue going into 2020 with independents and moderates and so she is like -- she doesn't want to lose the gavel again because she worked so hard to get it. brian: here is the president's tweet. everything the democrats are asking me for is based on illegally started investigation failed for them, especially when the mueller report came back with no collusion finding. now they say impeach president trump even though he did nothing wrong. while they fish.
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ainsley: is he calling it a fishing expedition. steve: he tweeted that out 10 minutes ago. all right, meantime. time for news and jillian joins us. jillian: that's right. good morning. let's begin with this story. it's a fox news alert. a canadian fighter jets intercept russian bombers for the second 250eu789 in two days. nuclear capable planes flying in airspace off the coast of alaska. intercept the russian formation. this show of force coming one week after secretary of defense mike pompeo met with russian president vladimir putin. to try to improve relations between our countries. i will keep you updated on that. also breaking right now. three people are confirmed dead as severe storms rip through the heartland. this man safely rescued from rushing flood water after clinging to a fence post for five hours in oklahoma. right now missouri is under a state of emergency. more flooding is expected today. at least 30 tornadoes have been reported across the
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u.s. over the past 24 hours. including this massive twister touching down in junction city, kansas. president trump announcing his new pick to lead the air force. barbara barrett is the former chairwoman of the aerospace corporation. she served as ambassador to finland under president george w. bush. she is also a certified astronaut after training at russian space center but never been to space. she is the first civilian woman to land the f-18 will18 oa aircraft carrier. set to become the next president of el paso. john brennan giving democrats a closed door briefing on iran. republican senator john kennedy says brennan, a critic of the president, is unreliable source. >> mr. brennan needs to take off his tin hat and get a
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job. he has lost his security clearance. the only thing he's well versed in is the stuff he makes up. ainsley: republicans claim brennan insisted on using the unverified steele dossier and intelligence reports in 2016. >> was he running an alternative government john brennan? what's he doing? steve: he was invited by the democrats. brian: fantastic. two illegal immigrants charged with killing a 14-year-old girl. we learned they were in police custody. ice wasn't told that and they were let go. how could that happen. steve: the agency's law enforcement director is going to join us live on this "fox & friends" for this wednesday. with advil liqui-gels, you'll ask... what stiff joints? what bad back?
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brian: right now ice seeking custody of two ms-13 members accused of murdering a 14-year-old girl. the two suspects arrested on separate charges last year and would have been deported. instead of alerting ice local authorities released them. why? because it's a sanctuary city and they don't call law enforcement. here with more executive associate director for ice enforcement and removal operations natalie asher. you wanted these guys out of this country and sanctuary city policies prevented that. >> so true, brian and thanks for having me this morning. there is no question the bottom line here is public safety, community safety, we
3:18 am
need law enforcement partners to cooperate. and when you have politics driving these policies that prevent us from working with our local, state, and county partners, these types of things happen. this young girl did not have to be murdered. brian: murdered brutally and painfully. >> yes. brian: city councils who vote on these sanctuary city policies are accomplices to murder. >> we can say they continuously refuse to listen to law enforcement, to their own. i can tell you that we have had wonderful relationships with sheriffs across the country with the national sheriff's association. many of them their hands are tied unfortunately due to local politics which prevents us from doing our job. we uphold the laws that congress puts forth and with these sanctuary cities in place with their particular policies, it only obstructs our duty in promoting public
3:19 am
safety. brian: these guys are named jose fuentas ponce 16 and joel escabar of el salvador where ms-13 thrives and was born. here is what prince george's county department of corrections told wtop this is the quote. neither of these individuals were release to the public from prince gorgeou prince gorgy department of corrections they re brian: too young to tell ice. >> what they are saying here they didn't communicate the transfer, according to that quote, from the original facility to the juvenile detention center. we had placed those detainers with the first facility where these two criminal aliens had landed. it's that they did not communicate back to us of the transfer of these two into juvenile hall.
3:20 am
sanctuary cities with their policies prevent us from making those necessary communications so we can prevent such tragedies to occur as in this murder with this young girl. brian: seems like we care more about the illegals when we do about american citizens and that showed itself now and resulted in murder. we reached out to prince george's county department of corrections and county executive office for a statement and we are still waiting for that thanks so much, natalie, appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. brian: okay. meanwhile, 20 minutes after the hour. favorite story for monday. a guy who wore a wall suit to trump's rally. who is he? why was he wearing the suit? he is up next. a "fox & friends" exclusive. i knew exactly what he would be wearing ♪ baby, baby, baby. ♪ you just ain't seen nothing yet ♪ sometimes, the pressures of today's world can make it tough
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brian: quick headlines now. hope you are up and dressed, too. comedian kristen wiig's new comedy pulls out of georgia. the state's tax rebate for film reduction has made georgia a popular shoot location. several companies have said they will no longer film in georgia after the abortion law was indeed passed. 8 other states pursuing the same thing. actor ice t pulling out of amazon. almost shot a delivery driver the driver wasn't wearing a uniform. the vice operations just saying thanks for the suggestion. we explicative love you and our drivers and our drivers. steve, ainsley? steve: did you catch this from president trump's
3:25 am
pennsylvania rally? one man taking his support for the border wall to a whole new level wearing a wall suit complete with a build me sign. ainsley: you better believe the president noticed him inviting him up on stage. >> send him up here. come on. look at this guy. now, we know who he is voting for. [laughter] [cheers] >> thank you very much. he said i'm from san diego. do you believe that? he said i'm from san diego and we need that wall. steve: we needed that guest and there he is live in san diego blake marnel joins us live. >> good morning to you. steve: what i understand that was your third rally. it's the first time you wore the suit. first of all, where did you get the suit and why did you want to wear it. >> i got the suit online. i just searched for bring brickl suit and it appeared. the reason i you wanted to do it is because for a long
3:26 am
time now i have been doing this thing i call saturday hatur day i wear it out in san diego to be visible and present. i think that's important. and when i knew -- this is a trip i had planned a long time ago. i knew i was going to be flying into dulles and i wanted to up my game a little bit and how could i make it a little bit even more ump to it. i went with the brick wall suit. ainsley: what was the reaction of the people on the plane you wore it too dulles and home after the president called you on stage. what did the president say to you. >> on the way out, from san diego to dulles, i got no real reactions aside from people sneaking sideways pictures with their cameras at me. like i'm going to burn this guy on twitter or something like that. coming back, i pull newt enterprise rent acar, i get out, instant free photos with the attendants there guys behind me had seen me
3:27 am
on tv in the next car. i couldn't buy my own beer in the restaurants. steve: excellent. >> fantastic. such a positive reception. even the tsa actually asked me to put my hat back on to take pictures of me with the hat. steve: that never happens. so, and you -- obviously you are like a walking people. you wanted to get the conversation started. >> that's absolutely correct. steve: you also were were noticd by the president out there in pennsylvania. you didn't have any inkling that he might actually point to you and pull you up. what was that interaction like? we couldn't really hear what was being said right there. >> i can tell you i was hoping that he would see me and point to me and that was about it. maybe give me a numb's up or something like that. being actually called up there, no way. no way i thought that was going to happen. so, when he first said it, i'm like did that really just happen? did he say that? and i remember the next thing i'm trying to climb over the fence and there is an american flag on the
3:28 am
fence. i got to put my foot somewhere so i'm not stepping on the flag from. there it's out of body experience. i don't remember much until i came off the stairs which is great because, you know, i'm not like hillary i don't have to think consciously about climbing stairs. i got up there, i said i'm from san diego. we really need the wall. and that's about it. it was really out of body. that's all i can say about that. ainsley: what was he like to meet him face to face. >> that's the part that i really can't remember too well. when i saw out video later, i was surprised at just the way that i greeted him and how it was just like you would greet an old friend that you have known for such a long time. you know, i couldn't see that happening in any other country in the world. macron in france doesn't do that merkel in germany doesn't do that. forget it. there is nothing like that. ainsley: you were face to face with the president of the united states most powerful man in our country.
3:29 am
steve: he was hugging a brick wall. >> he was. absolutely. he didn't get emotional about it until afterwards it's really powerful because i think that segment shows a lot about why people in america really support president trump and support the policies he is doing for america first. because, he really connects with people on -- he is so genuine. is he not like any other politician. and that's exactly why, you know, a huge part of wife he is in offers. steve: you just googled brick wall suit. i've got a feeling a lot of people are going to started wearing those to those rallies. blake, thank you very much for joining us today from san diego and telling us your story. >> you are very welcome. thank you. steve: have you taken that off since two days ago? >> brief times, yeah. it hasn't been to the dry cleaners yet. that's tomorrow. steve: i bet. blake, thank you very much. >> you are welcome. take care.
3:30 am
ainsley: great personality. steve: good to meet him. why is a convicted terrorist being released from prison tomorrow even though he reportedly still calls for extremist violence. ainsley: remember that guy? tomi lahren will tell us coming up next. safe and sound ♪ safe and sound ♪ we're safe and sound ♪ er. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. when crabe stronger...strong, with new nicorette coated ice mint. layered with flavor... it's the first and only coated nicotine lozenge. for an amazing taste... ...that outlasts your craving. new nicorette ice mint.
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they're america's bpursuing life-changing cures. in a country that fosters innovation here, they find breakthroughs... like a way to fight cancer by arming a patient's own t-cells... because it's not just about the next breakthrough... it's all the ones after that. ♪ i want to take my horse to the hotel ♪ i'm going to ride until i can't no more ♪ i'm going to take my horse to the old town road ♪ i'm going to ride until i can't no more. steve: that is a great song. ainsley: that is your shot of the morning. billie ray cyrus has a new set of wheels seen here in music video. steve: rapper surprising cyrus with the little red
3:34 am
maserati. old town road. watch this. >> what's up? what are you doing here, man? >> i got you something. wait a minute, there is no way. brian: there song has been number one on the charts for seven weeks. ainsley: that's so cool. steve: he showed up with a red mass rat at this that they were singing about in the song and gave billy ray cyrus with the keys to the car they posted that on instagram and twitter. ainsley: that's when you are so rich you give your friends cars. brian: how cool is it that billy ray opened the door with a guitar in his hand. was he writing a song. ainsley: i thought he would have a butler. brian: he doesn't seem like the butler type. steve: you know her host of fox nation. that's pretty cool, isn't
3:35 am
it? >> i'm just happy we are talking about billy ray cyrus and not miley anymore. brian: miley turned over an old leaf almost like hannah montana these days. >> yeah. she was going to leave the country if president trump was elected. i still haven't heard the status of that one. i'm really happy for her dad and it's a great car. great song. ainsley: we wanted to ask about california healthcare these numbers are astronomical. he wants to give healthcare to illegals 18 to 25. the state assembly wants to cover illegals over the age of 19 and that's going to cost 3.2 billion. and then the senate wants to cover i will lyle he is 19 to 25 and seniors over the age of 65 and that will cost $372.7 million. you live in that state. what's your reaction? >> let's just let that soak in for a moment. we have california democrats
3:36 am
arguing over how much they want to spend on illegal immigrants. they are not arguing over if we should spend on illegal immigrants. they are arguing over how much we should spend on illegal immigrants. meanwhile we have middle class californians who can't afford their housing, who can't afford the gas prices who are leaving the state because it is unaffordable for most middle class americans and middle class californians and meanwhile the california democrats are so tone deaf they are arguing over what benefits we should extenelsd for people who have no legal right to be in this state or country in the first place. as a californian i find that so infuriating and i find it, again, so tone deaf from these democrats. brian: tomi, is it true? i hear there is a massive homeless issue in california. so we're really making a choice, aren't you, the people of california, you are saying illegals are more important than the people on the streets who obviously need medical attention.
3:37 am
>> well, of course. and, you know, just nationwide we have veterans dying on v.a. waiting lists waiting to get the care they have fought for. and now we are trying to extend healthcare to illegal immigrants and they make up for it by saying we are going to have a huge budget surplus. if we have such budget surplus and the state is doing so well. how come we have such income inequality and homeless problem we are experiencing. how come we keep having these taxes on top of taxes on top of taxes? our gas tanks is going to go up again at the beginning of july. but, yet, they are arguing over how much more they want to spend on illegal immigrants. it's absolutely infuriating. steve: all about choices. meanwhile, it is hard to believe but it's been almost 20 years since john walker linsd who was one of the guys blamed for playing a role of johnny mike spaniel was arrested. and taken into custody in, as you can see right there those are some of the images early in the afghanistan
3:38 am
war. he is going to be released from prison tomorrow after 20 years even though he to this day openly calls for extremist violence against the west. what do you think about this story? he served his time. he was sentenced to it. but now is he going to be sprung. >> well, i don't think you can serve enough time for being a terrorist sympathizer for going to afghanistan to fight for the taliban. for meeting usama bin laden who allegedly thanked him for his service to jihad. but, again, i think that the real points here is we have got this scum who is set to be released two and a half years early which is truly grotesque. but you don't hear hillary clinton talking about that or tweeting about that. yet, she perfectly comfortable talking about how grotesque it is that president trump may be set to pardon our american war fighters including eddie gallagher and golsteyn. that's grotesque to her. a terrorist being released two and a half years early that didn't get her attention or did it get the attention of many other
3:39 am
democrats out there. ainsley: all right. i know that you have a special on fox nation. tell us about it. >> well, i actually had the pleasure of sitting down with the wife and brother of navy seal chief eddie gallagher some months back as well as julie golsteyn ohio know is a favorite of your show as well. did i in-depth interview series with both families talking about their cases. because it's such a hot topic i encourage everyone to go and see the true story and whole story before they make judgment on two great american heroes. brian: they believe the wrong story. they have been honest. people who have been critical of eddie gallagher and sean gallagher have not listened to their side of the story. and for hillary clinton to make that conclusion is abhorrent. >> well, it just shows where their priorities are it's always been terrorist over american war fighters. thankfully we have a president who believes the opposite and he is going to fight for our american heroes. brian: they are going to go to trial.
3:40 am
is he going to go through the trial. they just want to make sure how leading up to that trial. shouldn't be in solitary confinement. ainsley: thank you, tomi. good to see you. >> thank you, guys. steve: check it out meanwhile on we have jillian with headlines. jillian: good morning. update to a story we have been following. disgraced former congressman anthony weiner is now a registered sex offender. the new york democrat officially registered yesterday after being released from his halfway house last week. wiener spent more than a year in prison for sending inappropriate pictures to a 15-year-old girl. three more parents charged in the college admission scandal will plead guilty today. a high powered new york city attorney just admitted to paying $75,000 to rig his daughter's act. anapa win yard owner admitted to paying to get his child into college. dozens others are accused in
3:41 am
the scandal. huffman has pleaded guilty. a woman in a stolen rv leads police on insane chase. tough watch this. the woman with two dogs inside, by the way. crashing into poles and trees in southern california. the right side of the rv was ripped right off. look at that thing. one of those dogs actually jumped out of the front window while the rv was moving. after half an hour the driver crashed into a parked car and tried running away before getting arrested for drunk driving. both dogs will be okay. ainsley: i'm glad both dog also be okay. whole chunk of it ripped out. that one jumped out knowing he was fearful. jillian: get me out of here. steve: that's something. quite a picture. brian: that dog had great instinct. so does janice dean. janice: we have wisconsin and minnesota represented today. hi, ladies and gentlemen. stay with me. we're going to check the forecast real quick across the nation. of course we had tornadoes
3:42 am
reports yesterday over parts of oklahoma and texas. unfortunately the threat for more severe weather today. it won't as volatile as yesterday but we could still see large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. very heavy rain yesterday. four to 6 inches in a very short period of time. flood watches remain posted in these areas as we are expecting more rain in the forecast. there is what it looks like across the nation today. 76 and mostly sunny skies. are you guys happy to be on "fox & friends"? group hug midwest, come on. [cheers] janice: back inside. ainsley: tell them hello. steve: beautiful weather for out parade of ships. ainsley: we will on a ship tomorrow and concert series starts friday. steve: with good afternoon degras. bernie sanders just tied him in a critical primary state. ♪ brian: what does that mean? we are going to ask our next
3:43 am
president. let's see if a win in iowa can make a socialist the next president or at least give him the nomination. ♪ what makes these simple dishes the best simple dishes ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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steve: well the 2020 primary race is heating up in the hawkeye state of iowa. a brand new poll shows senator bernie sanders is actually tied with national frontrunner joe biden among likely iowa caucus goers who are democrats. how likely is the -- joining us is former clinton advisor and poll officer mark penn. good to have you. >> good morning. steve: they are tied right now in iowa. what does this mean? we are a long ways away from voting. >> iowa has been critical in a number of races. you saw kerry come out of iowa.
3:47 am
you saw barack obama come out of iowa really strong. so i think, look, the fact they are tied. bernie sanders is always going to do better in caucuses. i'm a little surprised he is running as strongly as he is when you compare it to the national polls. is he doing quite well in iowa. steve: but then you look at historically sometimes iowa gets it wrong. >> sometimes. >> clintons never did well in iowa which is why hillary didn't like iowa when i was working with her. the truth is the top three or four candidates that come out of iowa, they are the ones most likely to go on to new hampshire, south carolina. the rest of the states. and i think it's going to be a critical sorting out process in iowa. and i think it could get pretty negative if history says anything. steve: what does it say to you about the fact that bernie and joe are tied right now? you have got two clear choices right there. you have the establishment candidate in joe biden and then you have got the guy who is the original
3:48 am
socialist from like the last race in 2016. he's back and he is right up there. >> iowa primary voters or caucus goers are famously somewhat to the left. which is why so many candidates play to the left in the beginning of the democratic primary. so it doesn't surprise me. sanders may do very well in a lot of the caucuses. barack obama did better in the caucuses and 4eur8 actually won the primary vote. important state. way too early to tell. i think bid biden will pull it out in the end but we will see. steve: the winner would ultimately square off against president trump. there was a brand new quinnipiac poll that came out. and one of the highlights, the president's numbers for the most part are under water. they ask the question are you better off today than you were in 2016? and 52 percent said yes. that helps him, right? >> well, in fact, in the
3:49 am
harvard harris poll which i co-direct, the president gets a 60% job approval on the economy. but only 32% say they like him. and so 46% give him job approval right in between those two. it's below 50. it's going to be a really tough race. race, i think, for both of them. steve: the president says he doesn't trust the polls because they got it wrong last time. >> i think the polls are pretty accurate what's going on. steve: you are in the poll business. of course you would say that. >> give us a chance. steve: okay. we do. mark, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you. steve: meanwhile, straight ahead, nascar honoring our fallen soldiers. bubba wallace and some very special guests are about to show you how. good morning guys, out on the fox square ♪ ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance,
3:50 am
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3:53 am
ainsley: this is so great. nascar showing support for heroes honoring the fallen and their families. steve: it kicked off with the 600 miles of remembrance during the coca cola 600. nascars will have the name of a fallen service member on the windshield. brian: here to make it happen is bubba wallace's car by the way will honor staff sergeant killed while serving in afghanistan. and joining us now with more, holding a coke in his hand is driver bubba wallace along with staff sergeant grandfather ron and uncle wayne. welcome, guys. appreciate you being here. >> thank you. brian: how important is this for you? >> this is really important for me. first of all with coca cola being a part of it obviously on the race car but supporting our military is huge in nascar to represent the family of sergeant
3:54 am
elceon. we got to spend time with the family and hearing stories how he wasn't very athletic and how he poured his heart and desire and passion into it. it shows if you put that and grit into it and never give up on anything you can do whatever you want. he paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms and we will always remember him and his family and i'm excited to have them at the track first nascar race so it should be a big weekend. ainsley: grandfather, i know he was killed last year. toughest year. you see his name on the car. what does that mean to you. >> we are very proud of what he did. and we're very want to honor him and couple things he said the day before he enlisted in the service in the air force. he said it's so hard to leave. i will miss you all.
3:55 am
and and the community has been very supportive of us. and we actually had two airmen locally that have started a campaign to raise funds for a war memorial not only to honor dillon but to honor other airmen that have died. and make a donation. all the money will go toward the war memorial. steve: we have a link to that on our website tell us about dylan. what kind of a person was he. >> he always had a smile on his face. it didn't matter what he was going through or what he was facing. very determined, not athletic like said. but, he trained with some of the best in the air force. and laid down his life for our freedom. ainsley: what made him want to enlist? >> i remember when he was a teenager he started reading a book. i don't remember the name, dad. do you remember the name. >> no. >> it was about special
3:56 am
forces. and he was -- from that point on he was determined he was going to be special forces. steve: why don't we walk around and show all the folks where the name is so, bubba, the name is right there on every other car there will be a different name of another person? >> yes. >> nobody does it like nascar. represent the name of a fallen hero, jus we will see it just this weekend but every day is he riding with us and we are excited to you have the opportunity. brian: bubba the only thing can you do now is win. >> no pressure at all. thank you. appreciate it. brian: appreciate you coming down. ainsley: god bless you. thank you. brian: watch the race on fox sports 6:00 eastern time. thank you, guys. appreciate it. steve: straight ahead in "fox & friends." will. brian: socialism surging in america any way to stop it. a mission how you can help. if that's something you want to do ♪ ♪
3:57 am
we humans are strange creatures. other species avoid pain and struggle. we actually... seek it out. other species do difficult things because they have to. we do difficult things. because we like to. we think it's... fun. introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger built for the strangest of all creatures.
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♪ ♪ what i like about you ♪ steve: live from new york, fleet week kicking off today. welcome to "fox & friends." good to have you here on the curvey couch. ainsley: it's so fun because you see all the sailors walking around new york. we are going to be on a ship tomorrow. and then we have the concert series on friday. kicking off memorial day weekend. brian: most sailors will have a tide stick with them in case they get a grass stoin they wear all white. the popeye episodes i like most wearing the white uniform as opposed to the blue uniform. steve: there you go. ainsley: did he ever get
4:01 am
spinach on the white uniform. brian: never. that's what i pretty much liked about it. before the advent of the tide stick which was inventinged 15 years after popeye was really in his zenith. more on that later. steve: good news about when all the navy and marines who are in town for fleet week is a lot of them don't ever have to pull out their wallets because of the kindness of tourists who buy them a drink. buy them supper. buy them everything. brian: right. or they have apple pay. today democrats will meet behind closed doors to confront speaker nancy pelosi and her push and their push for a calls for impeachment. steve: griff jenkins joins us live from washington. griff, you know, nancy pelosi is trying to put happy face on it, but there is deep division inside the democratic party. >> oh, she is feeling it, steve, brian, and ainsley. good morning. listen, the president is up and on twitter machine. let me go there first. the democrats are setting zero work done in congress. all they are focused on is
4:02 am
trying to prove the mueller report wrong the witch-hunt. perhaps speaker pelosi is feeling that pressure and talking about on the calls for impeachment. she is having a closed door meeting today to try to slow this march down. she is down playing that it is divitiond the caucus. >> are you under increased pressure to impeach the president from your caucus? [inaudible] >> now, part of what is driving this is the white house is defiant democrats demands an empty chair marking the spot where former white house counsel don mcgahn was supposed to testify before the house judiciary committee. chairman nadler admonished mcgahn for not appearing. ranking member doug collins took real issue with the chairman. >> here we go again. the theater is open. i'm glad that the chairman read into the record the mueller report. he did leave out one thing, there was no collusion.
4:03 am
there was no obstruction charge. there is nothing here. griff: chairman nadler issued two more subpoenas two white house aids hope hicks and annie donaldson donal. no word on whether either will comply. we shall see. the thing to watch today though is that speaker pelosi meeting behind closed doors. we may get an indication of where things are head, guys? steve: you could be right. we got a pretty good indication aoc made it clear she wants the impeachment stuff to start right now. ainsley: so does beto. steve: whether the speaker likes it or not quote on twitter was failure to impeach now is a neglect of due process. nancy pelosi is trying to make it seem like they are all together because she feels like moderates and independents are more concerned with bread and butter issues not whether or not the president should be impeached because ultimately he can be impeached by the house but the senate needs a two thirds majority and that
4:04 am
ain't going to happen. ainsley: they are mad that don mcgahn did not show up. "the view" was talking about that joy behar was saying now all republicans need to be thrown in jail. meghan mccain pushed back on that and said that's a little aggressive. steve: a little. brian: there is a sense in all the polls moderates and democrats in districts that donald trump won don't want anything to do with this. it was under water. it was under water in the fall. it was under water in january. it's under water now especially after the release of the 434 page mueller report. and in terms of the president using executive privilege, brit hume weighed in and said the president is on strong footing there. >> my sense is if nadler goes to court to try to force don mcgahn and others in the inner circle of the trump white house to testify, he will lose. executive privilege is asserted here by the put is not an unlimited privilege but if it applies to anybody and the courts have repeatedly, including the
4:05 am
supreme court, recognized that such a privilege does exist. if it applies to anyone, you think it would apply to the white house counsel when it comes to the testimony of don mcgahn and hope hicks and i guess others that have now been subpoenaed who were from his inner circle in the white house. i think he is on pretty strong ground and i'm not sure the democrats will win on that in court. in fact they probably won't. brian: hope hicks and others coming counsel the pike. i know rex tillerson was on capitol hill yesterday kind of low key. people were questioning him about what the president was doing with vladimir putin and others. steve: the big question becomes what does jerry nadler and what do nancy pelosi do? if they are just going to keep it as a talking point that's one thing. to ratchet it up and take them to court as brit talked about right there, the fate of the democrats sun certain at this point because oftentimes the courts side with the president regarding executive privilege. ainsley: speaking of democrats there are how many in the race now 24. steve: something like that. two dozen.
4:06 am
ainsley: the latest quinnipiac poll joe biden has the highest he gets 35%. bernie sanders is only getting 16% now. then right behind him is elizabeth warren, kamala harris, and then mayor pete buttigieg. brian: joe biden went after the president saying i didn't abandon pennsylvania. my dad walked up to my room said i lost my job. let's go to delaware where i can get a job. he also went on to say the president of the united states can't relate to working class people. i don't know if he knows but the president won because he can relate to working class people and just because is he wealthy he still resonated there. and if you look at fdr wealthy, resonated that way. the kennedy's according to reports were pretty wealthy and they resonated with working class people. joe biden might thought have the market cornered on that. newt gingrich says i have known this guy for a while, don't buy into it. watch. >> obama was always a radical who understood he couldn't get elected as a
4:07 am
radical. in the classic tradition, he pretended to be moderate long enough to get elected. but the thing to remember about biden and i have known biden for a very long time, joe biden is so shallow that he won't notice most of this. he will just think it's kind of confusing. and he will drift along being joe biden. and if he can get nominated it will be by being this nice, pleasant dufus who doesn't know anything but is he not the other people. that's what he is counting on is being the least disgusting person in the field. steve: the least disgusting person in the field. while joe biden may be leading and bernie caught up with him in iowa as well. mayor de blasio i'm sure his ears are ringing because people have been talking about him because is he finally ahead in one category. he is the winner in the most disliked candidate running for president according to the quinnipiac poll.
4:08 am
45% dislike bill de blasio. only 8% like him. wow. ainsley: so the one they like the most is biden. the one they like the least is right there. our mayor. brian: i will tell you what, we are investigative culture i don't know if you nutsed. if you watched peter schweizer last night and see some of these reports, hunter biden has got to get ready to definite himself. if he has a good explanation for investments and relationships with romanian investors and you qur'an cranian investors and chinese firms that's great. he better be ready to answer that because it's game on. you ask don jr. and eric what is it like to be related to the candidate, is he going to be under the spotlight very shortly. steve: for most democrats the number one issue for them is county nominee on the democratic party beat donald trump. that's the big question. meanwhile, donald trump certainly was the topic behind closed doors later today as democrats try to figure out what to do.
4:09 am
also, yesterday democrats invited up to capitol hill former fbi -- rather, cia director john brennan and wendy sherman. wendy sherman was part of the state department during the obama years. and she helped craft the iran negotiation. the nuke deal. well, the democrats called mr. brennan back and they said what do you think we should do regarding iran? and according to people who were in the room, brennan told the democrats while iran wants to avoid conflict the country's leadership will not capitulate to donald trump. ainsley: senator kennedy was commenting on this senator from louisiana john brennan needs to take off his tin hat and get a job. >> mr. brennan needs to take off his tin hat and get a job. he has lost his security clearance. the only thing he is well-versed in is the stuff he makes up. it is clear to me and has been for some time that
4:10 am
mr. brennan is not a national security professional. he's a politician. and that's why i think he let the american people down when he ran our cia. brian: you just have to wonder are they running a parallel government? you have a secretary of state. off cia director who has better intelligence than anybody else. the person they are talking to has been out of power now for three years and has security clearance taken away. and if they need to know something about iranian deal, look it up. it's about four years old. know. this the senate didn't even pass it with the majority. so it's not even a popular or effective iranian deal or else barack obama would have passed it treaty 60 votes in the senate. to have john brennan come in and wendy sherman come in and brief them about a deal that's two and a half years old as opposed to the reasons behind the "uss abraham lincoln" going into the persian gulf.
4:11 am
and moving all of our assets and our nonessential people out of iraq. i find that astounding. steve: well, listen, they invited them up. and ultimately let's see if those talking points that they gave them yesterday seep out in the public from the democrats who were given the breefing. ainsley: hand it over to jillian who has more headlines for us. jillian: good morning to you. the u.s. calls the intake of migrants at the largest border over spike in illnesses. a quote large number of migrants at the mcallen, texas facility have come down with high fevers and flu-like symptoms. the facility has been overcapacity for months forcing the construction of overflow tents. the highly anticipated findings of an investigation on virginia governor ralph north thad matta. eastern virginia medical school hired law firm to look into infamous yearbook. his page featured a racially charged photo of one man
4:12 am
wearing black face and another dressed as a clansman. northam apologized but later said he wasn't convinced that he actually the one in the picture. he has declined calls to resign. we will stay on top of that for you. washington state is now the first in the nation to allow composting of human remains. governor jay inslee signing the new law on tuesday. the remains are mixed with wood chips and other material and turned into soil. it's an alternative to regular burials or cremation. lawmakers say those methods are bad for the environment because they release chemicals and carbon. the new law goes into effect in may of 2020. you are talking about bill de blasio. it seems bill de blasio doesn't believe in bill de blasio. he has hired a team of just five people because is he not sure if he will be a viable candidate. the new york city mayor though saying he is just, quote, starting out lean and
4:13 am
mean. it seems beto o'rourke's flaming out a bit. the top research firm stop getting requests for dirt on him. beto announced just 10 weeks ago. we will see what happens. steve: there you go. with de blasio how many he is able to raise that's how much is he able to pavement. jillian: asking for donations on facebook. steve: just a dollar. dollar bill. ainsley: thank you, jillian. is he a legit matta asylum seeker who actually supports the president's wall. his remarkable reason why coming up next. with advil, you'll ask... what sore muscles? what pounding head? advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts.
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4:17 am
>> some credit dicks of presidencredit exaggerating the crisis at our southern border. this guy was seeking asylum himself. an ethiopian citizen currently living nut united states. he joins us from madison, wisconsin. good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. steve: so you came to the united states for an education. you want to be an engineer. and you decided at some point in the last year or so that you were going to leave
4:18 am
islam. you could not go back to your country your town is pretty much 100 percent islamic. you asked for asylum. everything went fine during the process until what happened? >> >> so it was basically until i had my asylum interview and i was told to come back in two weeks to pick up my decision and then a week later i got a phone call and basically letting me know that they won't have a decision ready for me. and that they do not know when i would get a decision and that i should just expect it any time in the mail. and it's been almost eight months since and i'm still awaiting a decision. steve: unbelievable. and the reason for that is because so much of the federal government's immigration system is being tied up dealing with the crisis at the southern border, right? >> that is correct. steve: all right. so you have no idea when they are going to be able to process your asylum claim. >> no idea. steve: you did think the
4:19 am
president was exaggerating at the southern border. why did you change your mind? >> right. unfortunately it took me being personally affected by illegal immigration to realize that there was indeed a crisis at the southern border and that president trump was not exaggerating the situation. basically once i was told that the fact that i was in legal status might work against meal and basically have my case last longer. that'sed when i to go to the website confirm myself it does indeed state that on the website that longer processing times might be required if you are currently in legal status. steve: see, this is a part of the story i don't think a lot of us understood. explain for the folks who do not support the president's wall idea why you now support the used of the wall. >> so, based on my situation, i looked into legal immigration a little more and did my research and data and statistics and that's how i came to form my
4:20 am
decision basically just how illegal immigration effects both the american people and taxpayers and legal imgrantsd as well. my case being a good example here having to wait for almost 8 months now. steve: keep us posted. we would like to pass along the word to folks watching your story right here. a contributor to the federalist joins us today from wisconsin. sir, thank you very much and good luck to you. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. steve: all right. so what do you think about that? email us at meanwhile, more and more students are getting special allowances to take the sat. do they really need extra time? do they deserve it? does anyone get into college on their own merits anymore some wonder? a closer look coming up next. ♪ come on and take a free ride ♪
4:21 am
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4:24 am
♪ brian: time now for news by the numbers, first 3 million. that's how much money in loose change left at the airport the tsa could use actually for border operations. nbc says that will only happen if congress doesn't approve extra funding for homeland security which by the way they don't. next, $23,000. that's how much money has been raised for a coast guard veteran who is scammed out of 50,000. police say the man pretended to be a probation officer demanding thousands of dollars and threatening to put the vet behind bars. his took hundreds of dollars away from the vet. they are in florida. 63 million bucks how much richer made man in u.k.
4:25 am
inherited 1500 estate after proving he was the son of a wealthy man who died last year. good luck. it will be lonely but nice. steve, ainsley? steve: it's meant to level the playing field for students who have difficulties like anxiety and other things. but a new report shows the number of students getting special allowances for extra time on the sates has surged recently. ainsley: on the heels of the operation israelis city blues admission scandal is this just another test-taking advantage? here to react is michael knowles the host of the michael knowles show. good to see you. >> good to see you. ainsley: what do you think about this? all r. all these kids getting a special 504 designation, are they deserving of it. >> i'm kicking myself because i think i'm the last guy in the country who actually took the sat in the amount of time you are supposed to and didn't bribe coaches to get into college. i don't look like a football player so maybe that's why. the issue is not students who do need extra time because they have learning
4:26 am
disabilities issue is all of the other kids pretending to have disabilities to cheat the system. the sat historically was the only standardized measure to get into college. you have a ton other factors to consider. race, legacy, athletics, all of these others. you have one standardized measurement. now that has been destroyed. it's not only destroyed by the students who are cheating on the test. it's being destroyed by the sat itself sat is adding a the diversified store purporting to measure a student's individual suffering. how they are going to do that i'm not exactly sure. the broader cultural problem is that we have transformed from a society that rewards real accomplishment into a society that values victimhood. ironically now if you can show have you victimhood or pretend to be an aggrieved victim, ironically that has become a privilege. steve: right, the pretending part bothers me. one of my children wound up getting extra time because they have a learning
4:27 am
difference. had an iep. in fact it was the teachers who said you should wind up with extra time for the sat because of a visual problem. couldn't really see the test very well. if you are suggesting that some parents or teachers are trying to give the kid extra time and claiming they are a victim and they are not really, that's a problem. >> well now in certain -- steve: been a victim, sorry. >> have you one in four students getting extra time on this test. i don't think one in four students actually has a learning disability. we have this allowance for the exam because certain students really do need it. steve: they do. >> they are at a disadvantage. now you have a culture which is at the personal level and parental level, students who are willing to cheat and parents who should know better are encouraging them to cheat. and why is that? it's because unfortunately the educational value of a college degree has plummeted. study after study shows students aren't learning
4:28 am
very much. in some cases they are graduating at some of the top schools more ignorant than they were which when they came in social value of a college degree was skyrocketed. market watch nine out of 10 new jobs are going to college graduates. what does that college degree mean. what does that sat score actually mean? in many ways an empty signal but credential increasingly valued in our society. ainsley: a lot of the times according to this study see in the wealthier schools higher kids getting this designation than the ones with the lower socioeconomic neighborhoods and more kids are getting free lunch. is that because these poorer families don't have the resources or don't even know that they can ask to get this designation? >> there have always been ways to game the system. we saw that with the last college scandal. we see that when people donate a building or make a rightly timed donation around college admissions. the people who get hurt are the people who can't afford it. the people who get hurt are at the lower end of the
4:29 am
socioeconomic spectrum and in this case the people who are hurt are people who have legitimately have learning disabilities. when there is a privilege opened up for certain people, it can be abused and in this case it's being encouraged to be abused. there is no more objective standard in the system. steve: all right. michael knowles, thank you very much for joining us. congratulations on that sat. [laughter] >> i appreciate it. steve: what was your score by the way? ainsley: you can't ask that. >> 800 math, 800 verbal and then on the writing section was the section at that time they had a writing section it was the one i didn't get a perfect store and then i went on to write a blank book which makes sense. ainsley: which was number one. steve: i'm the "new york times." ainsley: bill de blasio and other 2020 democrats launching full scale attacks on pro-lifers. >> women will suffer. women will die because these laws were passed. ainsley: is that really a
4:30 am
winning message for 2020 in the master of messaging ari fleischer is next. ♪ ♪ geico makes it easy to get help when you need it. with licensed agents available 24/7. it's not just easy. it's having-a-walrus-in-goal easy! roooaaaar! it's a walrus! ridiculous! yes! nice save, big guy! good job duncan! way to go! [chanting] it's not just easy. it's geico easy. oh, duncan. stay up. no sleepies. it's geico easy. ♪ when you have nausea, ♪ heartburn, ♪ indigestion, ♪ upset stomach, ♪ diarrhea... girl, pepto ultra coating will treat your stomach right. ♪nausea, heartburn, ♪ indigestion, upset stomach, ♪ diarrhea... try pepto with ultra coating.
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with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at >> look at what they value and look at their budget and what they're proposing. romney wants to let -- he said in the first 100 days is he going to let the big banks once again write their own rules. unchain wall street. they going to put y'all back in chains. brian: that was joe biden when he was taking on mitt romney looking for re-election with president barack obama. ari fleischer is here. you retweeted that. great to see you. a wise guy and former white house press secretary. you retweeted that. it seems to be a very negative comment to get the african-american vote. yet right now he is running away with the african-american vote.
4:34 am
>> of all my years in politics joe biden is the one who said the worst thing ever when he went to african-american audience and said about republicans they want to put y'all back in chains. this man who is supposed to be a moderate, who is supposed to be a unifier said the most divisive thing you can possibly imagine. that i and republican other republicans want to recreate slavery, put blacks back in chains? you cannot call him a unifier when he speaks like that. i will never forgive him for it. ainsley: you know him. what is he like as a person. >> he is apropos enjoyable fellow but is he always wrong. only difference between will joe biden and socialists. joe biden has always been wrong. look at voting record for 40 years he gets almost every big issue backwards and that's joe biden. steve: what do you make of the fact is he at the top of the polls right now. i know it's a long time before we do any voting. is he right up there. he has eclipsed bernie sanders who some people said was instoppable.
4:35 am
>> democrats have republicans democrats and republicans have become. along came donald trump and smashed the party outsider. now the democrats are going back to who is next in line. it was hillary, now it's biden. i don't know that it's going to hold up though. i really think joe biden has yet to be challenged in a primary. he can be taken down. he can be beaten. and it will be. steve: who emerges? >> i think still bernie is in a strong position he has unbreakable block. he has so much support from liberals. when people start to drop out. liberal wing starts to drop out bernie vs. biden it's pretty similar to hillary vs. obama. and hillary was supposed to be in front. she lost to obama the surprise. this dynamic is yet to play out in the democratic party. too early. brian: we have not seen the bernie tapes in the soviet union in 1980 fascinating because he praises that country. >> which no democrat will use against him in the democratic primary that's okay. if he becomes the nominee, donald trump will use it. steve: dust them off.
4:36 am
ainsley: democrats were out there. they were having this rally yesterday they are having it all over the country. involves aclu. a lot of the planned parenthood. a lot of the democratic hopefuls, the 2020 hopefuls. out there on the stump and speaking about abortion. proabortion many of them late-term abortion. listen to this. >> this is the beginning of president trump's war on women. >> this is the assaulted of the ideals of our nation. >> there is a well-funded attack coordinated by white wing extremists to deny women the right to control their own bodies and their own futures. >> i trust women to draw the line when -- >> government should not be in the business of telling a woman what she should do with other own body. >> women will suffer. women will die because these laws were passed. brian: they are talking about alabama and the other states that have followed in their footsteps. your thoughts. >> i think both parties have
4:37 am
gone too far on this. for republicans in alabama and other states that makes a woman carrying a racist's baby sim moral. steve: donald trump agrees with you on that. >> the president doe does and most republicans do. the democrats also go too far. allowing an abortion in the ninth month? no, that's a life. you can't do that either. there is a sensible center here actually which most americans have arrived at comfortably. and that's where i think we should be. brian: how does a candidate grab that? how does a candidate that's pro-life or pro-choice grab the center on an issue that's black and white. >> the same way everybody did until this election cycle. you espouse it. you talk about there are reasonable restrictions. and there also should be reasonable allowances. unless you are salute. if you arabsolute. saying a woman needs to carry a rapist's baby? no. no woman should be made to do it. steve: that's something. nancy pelosi is going to be having a meeting today. close the doors so we won't have a camera in there.
4:38 am
essentially democrats are split over whether or not to impeach the president. people like jerry nadler doesn't know exactly how to proceed because his leadership is saying we don't want to do it because it's too divisive with independents and moderates. you have the aoc wing and a lot of rank and file members who say we have got to do it now. >> this is nakedly political. it has nothing to do with merits or substance. if it had to do with principle the democrats should proceed. if they believe in their heart committed obstruction you impeach because that's what you believe. you take the vote and win or lose. i saw jacki jackie spear senate. use it for the elections of 2020. they are being overt about about a show trial. that's what it is. steve: they just want a show. >> a tv show. impeachment has only been used twice in our nation's history and second time republicans went too far with clinton in '98. the reason that this is so troublesome to me is you
4:39 am
talk about trump violating norms? the democrats are the ones violating the norms trying to use impeachment to get rid of a president they never liked in the first place though ho did not collude with russia. brian: they want to bring it to video and make the movie as owe poised to keep the audio book or actually read the book. on impeachment, the greatest risk are theories moderates in the trump won districts. if they are seen as impeaching, that makes their seat as more vulnerable. don't you agree. >> absolutely. we have massive turnout in 2020 no matter what because the president is so energized people. democrats and republicans. but if the democrats are foolish enough to put this to a vote, you are going to have a lot of democrats scratch their head saying how did we get here. steve: thank you for joining us. great analysis this morning. brian: we know how you got here we gave you a car service. >> >> you did and go yankees. brian: 17 people hurt still in first place two games. >> get judge back.
4:40 am
brian: his obliques hurt. steve: thank you, are ay. time for news and jillian has got some news about an army ranger. jillian: that's right. let's start with this the army ranger believed to have fired the fatal shots at pat tillman is opening up about his struggles. >> long, dark, four hour ride back to the fob as you mauled that over it. took a number of months before that shock began to wear off. nightmares, anxiety and depression. optics of my life were really good yet if you kicked the tireless they were not. jillian: in 2004, steve elliott was part of a group ambushed in afghanistan. they thought they were returning fire on the enemy but hit their own troops instead. tillman died instantly. two years earlier, he turned down millions of dollars in the nfl to serve his country. new video shows the death defying moment a fighter pilot ejects from his plane just seconds before crashing. watch as flames shoot from the cockpit. the pilot barely gets out.
4:41 am
the plane keeps flying through the sky before crashing into a warehouse. it's unclear how long it flew without him. the pilot landed in the airfield. he is in good condition. very lucky. man overboard. a carnival cruise ship rushes to rescue a man who plunged into the caribbean sea. you can see rescue crews pulling the man to safety after he desperately tried to swim back to the ship on his only. carnival cruise line said the unidentified man jumped from the tenth deck of the fascination ship and he is now in good condition. that is definitely scary though. steve: they have swimming pools on the ship. don't jump into the ocean. ainsley: right not smart. thank you, jillian. steve: did you know that 43% of americans say they support socialism? brian: is there any way to stop the surge in popularity? meet the historian has a mission and how you can help ♪
4:42 am
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and outdoor allergens. like those from buddy. because stuffed animals are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity. and live claritin clear. ♪ jillian: good morning welcome back to quick headlines now. beverly hills is one step closer to becoming the first u.s. city to ban the sale of tobacco products. the proposal unanimously passed its first of two required votes by the city council. the law could make an exception for three cigar lounges in the city, including one that former governor arnold schwarzenegger home away from home so save chick-fil-a bill head to the governor's desk. make sure religious beliefs are protected from discrimination. >> religious liberty is under attack in certain places in this country and we want to make sure that texas strengthened and
4:46 am
upheld the first amendment. jillian: the bill was drafted after san antonio banned chick-fil-a donations to christian groups that some consider to be anti-lgbtq. brian? brian: thanks; the popularity is surging in a new poll. 43% of adults believe it would be a good thing. how could that be in and why dolls the next generation agree with that? let's ask u.s. historian and doctor i will call him bill. author of a brand new book called the land of hope. bill, what's going on with socialism? how did we get here? >> well, you know, not everybody means the same thing by the word socialism. if you look at the gallup poll, it's clear that the meaning has shifted over time from a sense of socialist government ownership of the means of production to government providing people with basic needs and showing compassion and elm bracing all of
4:47 am
humanity. and, you know, that's very nice, except it may not really be in practice what socialism is as you look at the historical record. brian: right. basically people have to understand in schools without not propaganda is fact what capitalism does and how it plays such a prominent role in freedom and democracy, correct? how do you change the perception? >> well, one of the ways is by teaching history. because if you talk about socialism and capitalism and other risms as distractions and decisions what you prefer based on that. you are getting very abstract and complete picture. if you look at the historical records of what capitalism has accomplished, in the western world and particularly the united states, it's astounding. and then if you look at venezuela, or you look at the soviet union, you see a very different picture. brian: people pick out all
4:48 am
the time look at denmark, look at norway, look at sweden. what should we know about those countries and the example that they are? >> you know, i'm not an expert on them but i do know that europe is suffering terrible problems from the unsustainability of its welfare state. just the population issue. the low birth rates. the inability to provide for next generation to sustain the existing generation. these are huge problems. sweden and other european countries have been moving away from socialism. it doesn't get a lot of attention in our press but it's true. so, even there you are seeing the problem of the sustainability of socialism. brian: i was just told by people who are word experts capitalism has a negative connotation. in reality it's government controlled markets over free markets. around the we a country that fundamentally believes that n. that word free?
4:49 am
>> absolutely. absolutely. in my book, land of hope, one of the things i emphasize this is a -- it's not just our country, it's the whole western hemisphere is then created around the idea that people look for new ways, new beginnings, hope for starting anew in their lives. that's been the story of this country. even unto the present day. why do so many people want to come here? they want to come here because of the promise of america which is still alive and still real. brian: no guarantees. we want the opportunity to be successful and pursue happiness. we don't want it guaranteed because it never comes from the government. history does not lie about that. dr. wilfred mcclay, thanks so much. we look forward to your new book "land of hope." >> "land of hope." thank you. brian: ahead, response cybil for the first casualty in afghanistan johnny michael span. why is he walking out of
4:50 am
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♪ steve: he is infamously known as the american taliban, that man right there screen right john walker lyndh set to be released in federal prison in indiana tomorrow. ainsley: the release coming several years before completing the 20-year sentence. he got for joining and supporting the taliban in the aftermath of september 11th attacks. steve: many lawmakers are concerned about security and safety implications of freeing him, so why is he being released early? ainsley: that's the big question. joining us now is representative michael waltz. is he a green enter way and former counter-terrorism advisor to vice president dick cheney. thanks so much for being with us.
4:54 am
our question this morning is how is he getting released on good behavior he's openly called for extremist violence still to this day? >> that's the question of the day. what many of us are asking the federal bureau of prisons, look johnny walker lyndh is a trader. he met with bin laden. he actively met with al qaeda and the taliban. he was with them on 9/11. he could have prevented the death of cia officer and former marine mike span who interviewed him just before there was a taliban prison riot that took mike span's life and i recently received a letter from his daughter allison that was just heart breaking. i want to read from it for a second. it says i feel his early release is a slap in the face to my family, every person killed on september 11th, the military, the intelligence services. and millions of muslims who don't embrace extremism. i think this is absolutely outrageous. it's bad enough that he was
4:55 am
only given 20 years but that he is being released early, we have no idea why. fortunately i do want to add this point. a judge recently ruled that he would have his internet access monitored. that he was not allowed to communicate in any language but english and that if he watched any extremist videos or tapped into any of these extremist sites he would be in violation of his parole. but he shouldn't be on parole at all. he should be in prison for life. is he a traitor. steve: congressman, you are not the only person who feels that way. do we have any idea what his plans are? i know right now he is being held in a correctional institute in terre haute, indiana. he's going to be released tomorrow. do we know is he going to stay in the united states? is he going to leave town, leave the country. >> he is not allowed to leave the country either according to this judge. i'm calling on the fbi -- well, one, we are calling on the federal bureau of prisons to explain why he is being released early and then we are calling on law
4:56 am
enforcement authorities to be watching him extremely closely. fortunately, you know, the courts have ruled that this would be his sentence. steve: right. >> again, he shouldn't be released early and we need to keep a close eye on him. ainsley: please keep us posted if you hear any news, anything other than what we are routeing this morning. thank you so much, congressman, for being on this. >> absolutely. steve: all right. 7:56 here in new york city. in four minutes our final hour for the day starts. got a big final hour. sarah sanders is going to join us live from the white house. plus, we are going to take you live to fleet week ♪ all right now ♪ baby it's all right now ♪ before discovering nexium 24hr
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5:00 am
ainsley: isn't that the truth, i'm so glad i'm living in the usa. steve: fleet week has begun. heading under the verrazano bridge that connects brooklyn with staten island. aircraft carriers and destroyers. we'll check in todd piro aboard that ship. we'll be there live tomorrow. >> that ship, the hull is made from steel from the world trade center, the uss new york. steve: we were on that. we did the show there live 10 years ago. brian: verrazano bridge, without that bridge, we would not have a new york mayor than. that is the bridge everyone sees. ainsley: wouldn't have a makeup artist. erica comes in from staten island. it was built for erica. brian: on my bps, they recommend upper or lower on verrazano. i do the opposite. when they zig, i go low.
5:01 am
ainsley: when they zig you zag. brian: i do the opposite. take that waze app. steve: we'll be live on the new york, live from new york. meantime let's go down to washington. brian: calls for impeachment are intensifying after former white house counsel don mcgahn defied a congressional subpoena. steve: one hour 9:00 eastern time, democrats will meet behind closed doors to confront nancy pelosi to ask her to push for impeachment of the president. ainsley: what will they talk about? griff jenkins joins us live from washington. how president trump is responding to this. reporter: president doing what any president were to do if the democrats meet to decide whether or not to impeach you he is taking to twitter. democrats are getting zero work done in congress. all they are trying to focus on trying to prove the mueller report wrong, the witch-hunt. less than an hour speaker pelosi
5:02 am
will meet with the democratic caucus, will feel more pressure on impeachment calls, though she is downplaying it is dividing democrats. >> madam speaker are you under pressure to impeach the president in your caucus? >> no. >> [inaudible] reporter: what's fueling this fire white house is defying democrat demands. an empty chair marking spot where former white house counsel don mcgahn was to testify before the house judiciary committee. that caused quite a stir between the chair jerry nadler and ranking member doug collins. >> let it is clear we will hear mr. mcgahn's testimony if we have to go to court to secure it. >> here we go again. i'm glad to see we don't have chicken on the dais. reporter: chairman nadler issued two new subpoenas, hope hicks,
5:03 am
an any donaldson. both former white house aides. hicks is the executive vice president and chief communications for fox corporation. no word whether she will comply. we'll see what happens with the meeting with speaker pelosi. we're getting news moments ago, chairman of the intelligence, adam schiff is canceling a meeting trying to get the doj to enforce compliance on a subpoena for more details on the mueller report. this will be a busy day in washington. brian: evidently the justice department is dealing with adam schiff, about some type of deal to appear, accommodation. so they might be doing some negotiation today. reporter: we'll find out. chairman schiff putting out a statement he is getting compliance so far, acceptance of such requests are at least underway. what exactly the department of justice will do and offer is yet to be seen. brian: were you reading it from your phone or for from your
5:04 am
knee? reporter: i have a hidden secret stash of information over here, brian. i will share it with you some day. brian: i am with you. ainsley: your knee? brian: sometimes you write notes to yourself on your body. ainsley: is that what you did in high school taking a test. brian: write on my knee. write on my thigh. steve: did you go to school in shorts. brian: i was going to tell a story that made somebody in my family made me look bad. i inherited shoes with letters on them. i will not wear the hand me done shoes, because there is letters on them. 20 years later, why are there letters on the hush puppies i inherited? he goes, those are the answers to a test. ainsley: you have an older brother who is a cheater. i also learned you got hand-me-downs. i was second child. brian: no question, i got
5:05 am
hand-me-downs. steve: i was old child and only boy with four sisters. brian: i made my own clothes. ainsley: on a loom, on my loom. would take a blanket, cut out the head, go to school. ainsley: that is called halloween. that is a ghost. steve: going back what we were talking about a minute ago. brian: what was that? steve: nancy pelosi has a meeting. she has a full-blown rebellion. trying to put a happy face. ainsley: she says they're united. steve: aoc wants impeachment to happen now. said on twitter, failure to impeach now is neglect of due process. then there is a feud in new york, hakeem jeffries, democrat from brooklyn and part of leadership team, he says overwhelmingly majority what unifies us a focus on kitchen table pocketbook issues. if they want to get reelected, do that kind of stuff.
5:06 am
you do the impeachment thing, you will lose a lot of people. brian: i think you're forgetting everything the democratic house has accomplished so far. ainsley: [laughter] steve: they passed a lot of bills. there is nothing in them of. they have passed bills in the house but they're not going anywhere in the senate. ainsley: a lot of subpoenas trying to continue this narrative the mueller investigation. when don mcgahn did not show up yesterday, over there at "the view" they were talking about it, joy behar had this to say. >> you know what i thinking, nixon would, he says i was in the wrong period of history. because he would have gotten away with everything just like this corrupt president is getting away with. this is unbelievable corrupt president, corrupt administration. the republican party is right behind him and they all should be thrown into jail as far as i'm concerned. brian: they carded mig began
5:07 am
meghan mccain. ainsley: said that is little aggressive. put all republicans in jail. brian: the problem, there is lot of problems with impeachment. number one will not go anywhere past the house. you have the big differences, there wasn't a watergate report that took 2 1/2 years handed in exonerat nixon. exonerated him when it came to collusion which was the focus. they looked at obstruction. no underlying crime and you want to pursue that, you can go pursue it, but do it on your own time. steve: what are democrats doing? ari fleischer has this observation. >> this is nakedly political. doesn't have anything to do with merits or substance f this has to do with principle, the democrats should proceed. you take the vote, you win or you lose. the reason this is so troublesome to me, talk about trump violating norms, the democrats are ones violating norms, trying to use impeachment
5:08 am
to get rid after president they never liked in the first place who did knot collude with russia. steve: ultimately democrats are needed by republicans regarding something done with immigration. so much of our news last couple month about the crisis at the southern border. we have new news how they actually shut down one of the biggest processing facilities because of a flu-like symptoms that so many people apparently presenting themselves with. the death after 16-year-old yesterday. ainsley: one of the busiest crossing areas down in texas, rio grande valley. we've been there. countless reports saying high fevers. that 16-year-old died. these individuals are receiving medical care. they can't accept anymore people because people are dying because of the flu down there. they don't want others to get it. brian: nancy pelosi and chuck schumer will meet with the president today at 11. this better come up. they need emergency measures, not massive immigration reform,
5:09 am
emergency measures to alleviate a lot of this pressure. i'm astonished just one. taking a facility overstocked with 9,000 people, that was quipped to take 400. thousand they will say we're shutting it down. what do you do with 2200 people lining up and say take me in, not running, saying take me in? let alone the people that are saying, have drugs, meth, everything else that are coming across. they have to go somewhere else, with what? they don't have the facilities. they don't have the trucks. they don't have the drivers. this is, not tenable. ron kise spokesperson for cpb says this, to avoid the spread of illness, rio grande valley temporarily suspended intake operations at cpc. individuals in the rbg sector will be held at other locations. let me say. national guard to take place of border patrol to allow the border patrol agents. now the border patrol agents, who they have, have to go to
5:10 am
another sector with people that don't belong here. this is not fair to the men and women doing this. steve: thankfully the government recognizes this could be a big problem. they have shut things down. it is reasonable thing to do. brian: but should down the facility, but the border patrol has to take them somewhere else. steve: one step at a time. meanwhile the whole thing comes down to congress has to change the rules. that would alleviate the problem there. congress has to change the immigration rules. also what the hud secretary ben carson was explaining yesterday to lawmakers because he was called up on capitol hill because the, he runs housing and urban development department. he was asked yesterday about the current rules that bar undocumented immigrants from receiving federal housing subsidies. but they do allow families with mixed immigration status, in other words if you have a child in the household, who was born in the united states and has status they can keep the house but apparently hud is planning to require that every family
5:11 am
member living in subsidized housing be eligible for the status and that's a problem but ben carson says, look, we have got people who have been on waiting lists who are in the country legally for years. they should be given priority. ainsley: he was on with tucker last night. listen to this. >> the real thing that is hurting people is our failure to address this immigration system rules that are drawing people here and keeping them here and that are so unfair to american citizens who have been paying taxes and working here. whenever you get on an airplane, and initial announcement, they say if emergency, your oxygen mask will drop down, put yours on first, then assist your neighbor. obviously we need to take care of our people. doesn't mean that we're not compassionate people. it means that we're logical people. ainsley: he said that they can defer for six months and they can do that again twice. that is total of 18 months.
5:12 am
plenty of time for congress to change the laws. brian: for these people to make other plans. they don't belong here to begin with. not democratic and republican. it is american against people sneaking in here. knowing going by our laws, not going by through the asylum system. not going through the immigration system. jumping the line, pushing off the people and i don't know if you noticed but you go into major cities we're overwhelmed with americans homeless, many of which are veterans. that should be the priority. for those people to make disparaging remarks about ben carson, he is one of the world's elite brain surgeons. he is so much smarter than everybody else in washington. just getting used to the housing authority. so easy with the comments. unbelievable. steve: he was asked yesterday by katy porter about disparities in foreclosures. she asked him do you know what reo is? oreo?
5:13 am
that has become a viral moment. they reo, oreo send out something that says really excellent oreos. real moment became a viral thing on this wednesday. ainsley: 13 minutes after the top of the hour. bernie sanders is use usually all in, when it comes to your money, but not when it comes to school choice. brian: why his plans to overhaul education in this country is getting a big fat f. ♪ s... s...u... s...u...v... these letters used to mean something. letters earned in backwoods,
5:14 am
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5:17 am
>> we are not going to propose spending half a billion dollars to expand charter schools, which has only increased, as you may know, educational inequality in america. ainsley: presidential hopeful senator bernie sanders targeting charter schools in his new education plan but is he
5:18 am
rejecting the value of choice for students who need it the most? we have the executive vice president of 50 can, a national non-profit that advocates for equal opportunity and public education, he joins us now. good morning to you, i know you spent your adult life working on these issues or helping kids, families, to have choice when it comes to schools. what do you make of what bernie sanders is saying? >> thanks for having me. it's sad, to see the, political football that empowering parent has become. it is kind of obvious if you watch what is going on, the senator is tanking in the polls right now, like many people who have come before him he thinks national education association, teachers union will bail him out. they have been particularly averse to charter schools and to african-americans. ainsley: charter schools don't pay dues to the organization. >> do not pay dues to the nea. that is problem for them. look the senator is from
5:19 am
brooklyn. brooklyn has some of the best charter schools in america. a lot of black and brown families go there. he represent a state where they don't have a charter school at all. he should stick to what he knows. ainsley: tell us your story? >> i'm old. i grew up in a time before there were any charter schools in america. i was very fortunate, i got a scholarship to a great school, a right fit for me. done a lot for me. so i work on the issues, now there are families who have great kids who can do everything, you no, could have a cure for cancer. charter schools is great way to accomplish that. >> in order to be in a charter school you have to win the lottery. >> win the lottery. ainsley: you got the lotter itry when you bottom a scholarship to go to a different high school and it changed your life. >> you're a mom, you look at another one, i don't know where you came from. so you if know that, you know
5:20 am
there is no one way to school every kid well or effectively. like, going to private school was right choice for me. going to charter school is great choice for 3.2 million people in america and 7,000 schools across the country. ainsley: thank you so much for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> you're welcome. congratulations on your success. coming up who are the happiest wives in america? rachel campos duffy knows. she is up next. been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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jillian: good morning. canadian and u.s. fighter jets intercept russian bombers second time in two days. the nuclear capable planes flying in international airspace
5:24 am
off the coast after la can. norad scrambled fighter jets to intercept the formation. this show of force came a week after secretary of state mike pompeo met with russian president vladmir putin to try to improve relations between our countries. breaking now, a powerful tornado ripping through the heartland overnight. at least four people are confirmed dead, including a woman after a twister touched down in iowa. at least 30 tornadoes have been reported over the u.s. last 24 hours, including this one in oklahoma. flooding also a major concern in that state. look at this man here, safely rescued from flooding water after clinging to a fencepost for five hours. thee more parents charged in the colleges admission scandal will plead guilty a high-powered new york city attorney just admitted to paying $75,000 to rig his daughter's act. a napa vineyard owner pled
5:25 am
guilty after paying $300,000 to get his child into college. dozens of parents including actress lori loughlin and felicity huffman pled guilty. ainsley: thank you, jillian. at stocks on pro-life-supporters. >> this is the beginning of president trump's war on women. >> coordinated by right-wing extremists to deny women the right to control their own bodies and their own futures. >> government should not be in the business of telling a woman what she should do with her own body. >> women will suffer, women will die because these laws were passed. ainsley: fox news contributor, rachel campos duffy joins us to react. you're pregnant with your ninth baby. you're catholic this is emotional issue and something that rings near and dear to your heart because you're pro-life.
5:26 am
what do you think of this democratic message? >> it is very unpopular. these 2020 candidates aren't just saying you know, rape and incest and exceptions and even first trimester which pro-lifers like me don't even agree with but a lot of the american population does. they're saying abortion unfettered, unregulated all the way through third trimester even after birth. you may not know ainsley, house republicans are introducing a bill every single week to give protections for any baby bourne gnarly or botched abortion. nancy pelosi refused to take up the bill. that is how radical they are. i will remind the viewers, this is not the first time in american history where one group of powerful people are deciding who is sufficiently human enough so they can do whatever they want with them. and back in those days they focused on property rights and state rights and talked about rights. and they didn't talk about the
5:27 am
humanity of the people that were affected by those, by those laws. so this is a place where pro-lifers feel very strong. they feel like they're on a very high scientific and moral ground. they feel like they're the abolitionists of our day. they feel like science in particular is backing them up, moving momentum on their side and that is why you're seeing what you're seeing. brian: do you feel the alabama law goes too far as maybe the president indicated and ari fleischer an hour ago? rape and incest, a doctor goes to jail for 99 years if they do it? >> look i met people who are the product of a rape. i think those people's lives are worth, worthy of dignity and they're worthy of life but that said, the american people do, when you poll them like exceptions for life of the mother and for rape. they are deeply, deeply opposed, like almost 90% opposed to late-term abortion and certainly
5:28 am
infanticide which is where all the 2020 candidates are. bernie sanders wouldn't even say that he would pass a law to ban gender, sex selection abortion. that is how radical they are in this position. donald trump knows it. why he keeps saying they're the party of late-term abortion. it is very unpopular. steve: rachel, you're very religious, you're also a conservative. i want to ask you about a report that came out from the institute for family studies, reported by "the new york times," in opinion tweet, turns out the happiest of all wives in america are religious conservatives followed by their religious progressive counterparts, which sparked a social outrage. a lot of people freaking out about that? what do you think? >> "the new york times" commentators and readers did not like the study. i will say this. it's a great study. it not only affirms religious women, gives single ladies insight how to find a great husband. turns out that the happiest
5:29 am
wives are married to men. men are key to the happiness. they are married to men who are devoted family men, who engage with their children, have high levels of engagement with their children. they help in the house, they also participate in the spiritual life of the family. so those should give women lots of clues how to find a great husband. the readers of "new york times" said they didn't like the study. they questioned its veracity. the lots of insults for christians. some women by the way took it to heart and said some of the commentators said, maybe i will start going to church, to see if that helps my dating life. ainsley: coring to the study -- according to the study in 1965 men spent about 2 1/2 hours a week helping out with the kids. now, in 2016 eight hours a week. men are more involved. >> yeah. men are more involved. brian: maybe women should stop looking to get on "the bachelor," meeting everyday
5:30 am
people. ainsley: going to church. >> going to church. not a bad idea. brian: don't talk during church. talk before or after. ainsley: don't flirt in church. brian: don't, right? >> at the social time. at the coffee hour. steve: rachel campos you have duffy joining us from wausau, wisconsin. brian: that is great takeaway, don't flirt in church. ainsley: flirt after. brian: now rachel, you're married. >> i'm married. i'm done. i have a cute husband. i'm done. >> rachel, thank you. democrats are intensifying calls for impeachment. they're planning to confront nancy pelosi on it today. if you ask her, there is nothing to see here. >> madam speaker, are under pressure to impeach the president from your caucus. >>? no. >> how do you address -- [inaudible] brian: president already reacting this morning. so is his press secretary sarah sanders. and by the way she is up next.
5:31 am
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yeah, and now business is rolling in. get started at ♪ brian: i don't want to brag but i was in the torch. ainsley: you got all the way up there? brian: ryan zinke bottom me up there. ainsley: i herd very narrow, very steep stairs. steve: i've been up there too. very cool. camera pulls back, you have some of the men and women assigned to the uss new york. fleet week officially kicks off today. it is parade of ships. the navy staged this event
5:35 am
almost every year since 1994 to offer civilians a first-hand look how the ships work. i think 15 ships will be all along the hudson here in new york city, manhattan, staten island, brooklyn as well. brian: tomorrow they will let us take one of them out and we get to water ski. ainsley: we'll be live from the uss new york tomorrow. we'll be on top of that ship and it is built with steel from the world trade center. brian: joel, are you coming? you will be there? okay. steve: it is one of our favorite weeks of the whole year and we are delighted to bring that to you live tomorrow. ainsley: did it about 10 years ago, remember that? steve: we were on the ship shortly after it was commissioned. ainsley: jillian, bring your coats, it might be breezy. jillian: might be a little chilly. definitely bring our jackets. brian: sleeves. jillian: we'll start off with headlines we're following. we begin with this, the man known as the mental ban will have a list of restrictions when
5:36 am
he is released from prison tomorrow. according to a court order, john walker lindh cannot have a passport, needs permission to obtain internet connected devices and can only communicate online in english. we spoke earlier to florida congressman, mike walz is warning against lindh's release. >> this is absolutely outrage just. it was bad enough he was only given 20 years, but he is being released early. he should be in prison for life. he is a traitor. jillian: lindh was sentenced for supporting the taliban. a woman in a stolen rv leads police on a insane chase. she crashed into trees in southern california. the right side of the rv was ripped right off. one of the dogs jumped out of the front window while the r-v was moving. after half an hour the driver crashed into a parked car and
5:37 am
tried running away before getting arrested for drunk driving. both dogs will be okay. a trump supporter shows up to the president's pennsylvania rally wearing a border wall suit and the president took notice. >> get him up here. come on. look at this guy. [cheering] jillian: that is blake complete with a build-me sign. he joined us earlier to talk about his new-found fame. >> i was hoping that he would see me and point to me and that was about it. maybe give me a thumbs up or something like that. being called up there, no way. it is like out of body experience. i couldn't see that happening in any other country in the world forget it. there is nothing like that. jillian: in this interview blake actually told us he doesn't remember anything except walking off the stage. i thought that was kind of funny. it is all a blur to him. steve: we have video so he can
5:38 am
remember it. ainsley: he wore the outfit on the plane there, on the way back. people were buying him drinks. president signed his hat. brian: 23 minutes before the top of the hour. let's bring in sarah huckabee sanders, white house press secretary from the white house. building on the wall comment, first story in drudge, looks like the wall, we have only two miles built of the wall? what is going on there? does the president still think he can get 400 miles done of the wall by end of the year? >> absolutely, that is an incorrect figure. far more than two miles have been built. we're still on track to get close to 500 miles built by the end of the year. the army corps of engineers working with dhs and dod are putting a tremendous amount of effort not just building new wall, taking down some of the barriers that have existed that are completely ineffective, and putting in effective border wall
5:39 am
they have been putting in the last couple months. that will continue. we're making great progress on that front. we would be doing it a lot faster and getting a lot more of it done if democrats hadn't continue to stand in the way of securing our border, stopping this national security and humanitarian crisis and actually working with the president instead of working against him, we would be making double that progress by the end of the year if they would actually get on board and help out. brian: how much is built? >> i know there have been, there is over 100 miles, i think it is close to 115 miles have been finished. again we feel comfortable and confident we're on track to get right around 500 finished by the end of the year. steve: speaking of the wall suit the guy was wearing at the rally, they sold out. has anybody ever gone to the white house in that suit? >> not that i know of. we'll certainly have to check. someone unexpectedly called on the stage at trump rally, i
5:40 am
think he should be glad he wasn't fired in front of thousands of people. maybe we tyke him with us to every rally moving forward. i think it is certainly reinforcement of the message that the president has been talking about and a recognition of the fact that people across the country support what the president's doing, not just by the suit, by the sheer number of people that showed up. tens of thousands of people came out to that rally and every other one wanting to help push the president's policies forward and he just got to do it in a much more unique and exciting way. ainsley: you're going to see more of them in the audience because they are sold out to steve's point. we wanted to ask you your reaction, they're not taking anymore migrants in at least temporarily at the processing center in mcallen, texas, rio grande processing center because so many people have the flu. most recently a 16-year-old child died from the flu. what is your reaction? >> absolutely horrible case,
5:41 am
something that shouldn't happen and this is exactly what the president has been talking about, exactly what he is trying to prevent. the president and his administration requested funding, supplemental funding just two weeks ago to help with the humanitarian crisis at the border. democrats have still failed to do that. unfortunately this problem is going to get worse before it gets better. if members of congress and the democrat party continue to refuse to acknowledge the problem and start to help us fix it, they have to work with us. we need that funding, we need to fix our laws and a broken system. the president has been right about this from day one. he doesn't want to be, this to continue which is why he has been so vocal and has been pushing so hard and so aggressively to get this fixed. we have to fix laws, we have to take away magnets that are putting people through this treacherous journey. brian: lindsey graham outlined
5:42 am
it, i don't see anybody rallying behind lindsey graham's proposal. will the president bring it up at 11:00 when he has nancy pelosi and chuck schumer at the white house? >> i don't want to get ahead of the president's meeting but i wouldn't be surprised if this didn't come up. democrats have to work with this on that. they need to work with us to get the usmca deal finished and voted on and passed through congress and our workers and our unions. everybody wins by the usmca deal. the fact that democrats are dragging their feet on that shows they care more about playing partisan political games than helping the american people. we hope they come to the table, ready to actually do their jobs and legislate, quit focusing on these absurd investigations. steve: real quickly, that is going to happen after nancy pelosi in 18 minutes meets with house democrats to decide whether or not to go forward with impeachment. she says no. but then you have got the aoc
5:43 am
twitter yesterday saying failure to impeach now is neglect of due process. looks like the democrats are split. >> look, i think the democrat are split because there are some that recognize what a terrible idea this is. there is no support for it in the country because they know they have no basis for it. it is not just bad politically. it is bad governing. their job is to come here and do something and govern and they're not doing that. i think what they're taking place this morning, hopefully they will have a come-to-jesus moment where they realize what a terrible idea this is. there is no basis whatsoever for impeachment. the mueller report was conclusive. there was no collusion. there was no obstruction. it is time to move forward and get some stuff done. steve: sarah sanders from the north lawn of the white house where it looks like a beautiful day. >> it's a beautiful day. thanks so much for having me. brian: 17 minutes before the top of the hour. there is a vote in the house this friday you haven't heard anything about.
5:44 am
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♪ jillian: hope you're having a good morning so far. welcome back. headlines now. actor ice-t calling out amazon on twitter after he says he almost shot a delivery driver. the rapper says because they weren't wearing a uniform. amazon vice president of operations in part thanks for the suggestion, we expletive love you and our drivers. all right. seven years after her death whitney houston could hit the stage as a hologram. senator i want to dance with somebody ♪ jillian: the singer's estate announcing a evening with
5:48 am
whitney, the whitney houston hologram tour. dates have not yet been announced. brian? brian: would pay to see a hologram hologram? ask yourself that we. it would require male athletes to identify as girl athletes on female sports team. james freeman wrote about this. it passed the house, james. >> that's right. brian: you believe this is hidden major issue and could boomerang on supporters of it? >> i do i think it could be the sleeper issue of 2020. the reason it hasn't gotten much attention, currently with republican senate, a republican in the white house, this bill is going nowhere but, every single democrat who voted on friday voted for appealing entitled equality act. i think it's a reasonable expectation, if democrats take control in 2020, this or something very close to it will become law. brian: what is the big deal?
5:49 am
playing sports with, with girls, if you're a guy, that, views themselves as a woman and records will go down and they will be destroyed. they will be shattered. >> this is what is interesting. there are a lot of issues to this. you're basically rewriting the nation's civil rights laws to include gender identity. this is self-professed idea someone deciding whatever biology says, i want to be male or female. you're adding that as protected class under civil rights laws but what, i think is interesting, maybe hasn't been appreciate thed is, people like martina navratilova, tennis legend saying i'm all for non-discrimination. you're going too far. you will destroy women's sports with this. brian: title ix said if you're a college, you have a men's sport you have to have a woman's sport. if they don't have female sports come up with something. have female basketball and male basketball. female field hockey team, have some men's. you have to counteract the size
5:50 am
of a men's football rosser. >> right. brian: they believe this could lead to blow up of title ix because it will cloud the whole issue. >> you think about all the reasons people love sports both for boys and girls. it gives them that chance to build confidence, learn about team work, get the spirit of competitiveness. she is saying look what is going to happen. it will not take many biological males competing in the female ranks to really change the landscape. she points out in a recent op-ed cowritten with a duke law professor who was also a track athlete and a olympic gold medalist, saying there are hundreds of boys every year who for, example, beat high school records on the girl's side in track-and-field. so it is going to be a completely different deal. you think about the value of girls and women's sports. if a biological male at the top of the heap in each one, very different. brian: soccer moms, soccer dads, major impact. james freeman, very interesting
5:51 am
column. fleet week officially under parade way with the parade of ships taking place right now. ♪ nothing says summer like a beach trip, so let's promote our summer travel deal on like this: surf's up. earn a fifty-dollar gift card when you stay just twice this summer. or.. badda book. badda boom. book now at
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>> big three hours coming up, acting dhs secretary kevin mcaleenan testifying on capitol hill amid new concerns on the southern border. democrats meeting next hour on capitol hill to discuss a way forward on impeach men. president trump meeting with chuck an nancy. senator john cornyn, sean spicer and more join us for a rocking three hours, john us at top of the hour, "america's newsroom." ♪
5:55 am
steve: lady liberty at this. 31st annual fleet week kicking off today in new york. 15 ships in the hudson before docking for the next three days. ainsley: we have an inside look. where are you, todd? reporter: best assignment of the day, steve, ainsley, brian. you're looking live at the flight deck of the uss new york. our brave men and women lining the rails of the uss new york as the parade of ships makes its way up the hudson, what better way to kick off not only fleet week here in the greatest city in the world but also our proud american series. i want to go back over this ledge here, because i want to draw your attention to that helicopter over there. that is known as an osprey. that was our taxi to the uss new york this morning. what a ride. we flew down the other way, the hudson river.
5:56 am
went out to sea, landed on this amazing ship. it was awesome. now i'm going to make my way over here, if martin could follow me. some of the unreal sites we've seen thus far this morning. the stout few of liberty about. when you drive along, when you boat along with the statue of liberty, nothing like it and of course one word trade. we stopped for a moment. we stopped for a prayer. a beautiful moment. something i will never forget. fleet week kicking off right now, unbelievable experience. if i'm not mistaken "fox & friends" will be on this very ship tomorrow morning t will be awesome, guys. you will have a blast. steve: indeed. todd piro, parade of ships out there in hudson. thank you very much. we'll be there tomorrow starting 6:00 a.m. eastern. brian: right. i'm going to be steering. going for a long ride. >> so we're going to crash? brian: we'll go under bridges and all three the land. ainsley: stay with us. more "fox & friends" just moments away. ♪
5:57 am
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>> impeachment frenzy sweeping over washington at this hour. on capitol hill speaker nancy pelosi facing mounting pressure to take action while over at the white house president trump is firing back on twitter. good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. >> eric: good morning. good to be with you. i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer this morning. more than two dozen democrats are on record saying it is time to start impeachment proceedings. you know calls are intensifying after don mcgahn blew off the subpoena request yesterday. >> sandra: reaction still pouring in. >> i see a


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